Pathological Diagnosis Prediction based on Patients Symptoms

The ultimate goal of this research is to make medical treatment a bit faster. Traditionally when we feel some symptoms we take appointment to a doctor. In our first meeting the doctor listens and check your symptoms and physical condition. Based on our symptoms the doctor suggests us to take some pathological test. After the test we meet the doctor second time with our test report and the doctor prescribe us the proper medicine and guidelines to follow to cure the disease. In the process, we need to meet the doctor multiple time to get the prescription. We can make the process a bit faster if we could predict the pathological test earlier. In that case, we can go to the doctor with the test report and the doctor can prescribe us the medicines. It sounds very simple however there are some challenges to this research.

  • what if the predicted diagnostic tests are wrong?
  • what if the doctor does not allow test report from the diagnostic center we have tested?

To overcome these challenges, we could propose an AI based smart doctors appointment system. In the system, to take an appointment to a doctor, the user have to provide their symptoms and the AI based system will suggest the predicted diagnostic tests for the patients. When authorized person will approve the appointment, the predicted diagnostic test along with the symptoms will be forwarded to the doctor. The doctor can approve the predicted diagnostic test by adding or subtracting some test from the predicted tests. In the process, we can avoid the challenges by involving the doctors in the automated system to improve the acceptancy of the system.