A seminar on "IT Business Entrepreneurship Development"

Central Gallery, JUST 28 February, 2024

Department of Computer Science and Engineering and CSE Club jointly organized an "IT Business Entrepreneurship Development" seminar.

As the Chief Guest of the seminar, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor - Professor Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain, said that the motto of JUST is “We do not look for jobs, we create jobs” and therefore, this kind of seminar is essential to our students.

Renze Klamer, PUM Netherlands' Sector Coordinator for IT Business Consultancy, was the featured keynote speaker. With a wealth of knowledge in IT business consulting, Mr. Klamer offered an insightful commentary on the potential and difficulties that arise in the dynamic field of IT entrepreneurship.

Dr. Syed Md. Galib, Chairman and Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at JUST, presided over the seminar. His role as the chairperson ensured the smooth conduct of the event, creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere for the participants.

More than two hundred students from the Dept. of CSE participated in the seminar. They had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, ask questions, and network with the distinguished guests. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange and highlighted the university's dedication to preparing students for the dynamic challenges of the IT business world.

During the seminar, the speakers highlighted some important things for people starting their businesses. They said that if you want to be successful, you should stick to your business idea and not keep changing it constantly. Being firm and determined in your initiatives can lead to positive outcomes for your company.

Additionally, the speakers pointed out that every task in a company, no matter how small, is important. They encouraged entrepreneurs to pay attention to even the tiniest jobs because all parts of a business contribute to its success. By treating each aspect equally, entrepreneurs can create a well-functioning and balanced business.